Life Science

Camozzi Automation proposes the Life Science sector a wide range of components and customised solutions for the control of fluids - both liquids and gases - with high performances in terms of efficiency and reliability.


The Life Science sector includes laboratory diagnostics, molecular analysis, genomics, oxygen therapy, dental units and requires innovative and reliable medical instruments and devices.

Our fluid control components - miniaturised solenoid valves, components with proportional technology and solutions with separation diaphragm for aggressive fluids:

  • Miniaturised components are made with different materials to make them compatible with any type of liquid or gaseous  (Camozzi's Series K8 valve is the smallest valve available in the sector).
  • Medical Devices - Ventilators & Anaesthesia, Dialysis machines, Presso & Vacuum therapy, Drug infusion, Dental unit, Autoclave, Oxygen concentrators, Hematology, Biotechnologies, Clinical diagnostics.
  • Analytical Instruments  - Mass spectrometry, Gas & Liquid Chromatography, Biomedical analyzers, Environment analyzers, Molecular analysis, Genomics, Clinical chemistry,  Electrophoresis

Component application sectors

Total quality of products and processes

To guarantee the best quality in all productionphases, Camozzi has created controlled atmosphere environments and an ISO 7 cleanroom for the assembly of products and solutions that require extreme cleanliness and the elimination of all organic and/or inorganic contaminants.

Ultrasonic cleaning and inspection equipment that makes use of UV blacklighting enables us to supply components that can be used with aggressive liquids and oxidizing gases like oxygen.

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Life Science