Industrial Automation

Series BPA | Pressure Booster

Size 40

Size 40

This Pressure Booster Series BPA has a pressure ratio of 1:2 that increases outlet pressure by up to 20 bar. 

Available with or without an integrated regulator to allow adjustment of desired outlet pressure, this pressure booster operates automatically when needed to generate a constant pressure increase while its mechanical design guarantees quick and easy installationminimizes heat generation and improves machine safety.


  • Easy and flexible installation
  • Focused pressure increase
  • Optimization of the pneumatic circuit
  • Energy efficient


A compact, functional design with rapid filling times for when high pressure is only needed at specific points in the pneumatic circuit such as:

  • Woodworking
  • Marble and glass processing
  • Testing and assembly machines

 Woodworking Marble and glass processing Testing and assembly machines